This page has PDFs containing information about different campsites and details about them.

This camp site is in Apple River, which is in northern IL.
Being a few minutes away from Arlington Heights, Camp Alphonse is usually used for visiting Webelos.
Camp Duncan is 30 minutes North of Arlington Heights in Volo, IL.
Cascade Mountain is North-west of Milwaukee in Sourthern Wisconsin. It is usually used for the Ski Trip.
This Forest Preserve is an hour South-West of Chicago.
Dan Beard is a camp a few minutes south of Arlington Heights in Northbrook IL.
Camp Lakota is a forested area in in Woodstock IL and can be used for many different campouts.
This camp is a Boy Scout Adventure camp in the middle of Wisconsin and we go there in the summer to get lots of merit badges and learn other scouting skills.
Camp Crown is a camp an hour north of Arlignton Heights and a very sandy, hilly area.
The Site is a shooting range which the troop goes to for a few of our shooting outings. It's a couple hours west of the Chicago area.